Self-propelled barge "Kamenetsk-Podolski" with 11 Ukrainian sailors on board and two Serbian tug-boats with two people have been trapped in iced waters of Dunai River near Serbian city of Smeredovo, local newspaper "Politics" reported Monday.

Both crews suffer acute shortage of food and water. According to the newspaper, Ukrainian crew has food and water for other four or five days, while Serbians will run short already by the end of Monday.

"Our sailors have food only till the end of the day... They have asked for urgent help. The Ukrainian vessel tried to reach the coast, but ran out of time. Their 11 sailors are also blocked. Dunai is fully iced. The only way to bring help is by a helicopter," Hranislav Mirkovich, head of Smeredevo shipping department told the "Politics."

Serbian tug-boats are stuck 300 meters far from the coast, and Ukrainian "Kamenetsk-Podolski" is in 200 meters.

Civil defense department of Smeredevo has asked Serbian government to render assistance in rescuing trapped sailors.

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