Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Kostiantyn Hryshchenko noted in his article with the newspaper Day that, during its annual presidency of the Central European Initiative, which began January 1, Ukraine has "a pragmatic interest in strengthening its European vocation, its institutional integration capacities and at the same time in contributing to the convergence of different in size, income and reform level societies from the Baltic to the Adriatic and the Black Sea," UKRINFORM reported.

The head of the Ukrainian foreign ministry in his article outlined three key priorities for the Ukrainian presidency. They are transport, tourism and mobility of citizens.

Among the key activities that will take place during Ukraine's presidency of the CEI, Hryshchenko noted, in particular, the meeting of CEI ministers of foreign affairs in May, during which it is planned to adopt the Action Plan of the Initiative for the next three years (2013 - 2015), as well as the summit of CEI heads of governments and the CEI business forum at the end of November.

In the Ukrainian minister's conviction, the CEI is a model for the creation of a new, Greater Europe, without borders and restrictions, about which millions of people have been dreaming for more than one decade and on which hundreds of diplomats of the Old Continent are working.

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