Russia has reduced the volume of gas supplies to Ukraine by 12 percent, Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuri Boyko told journalists on Wednesday, ForUm correspondent reports.

“There is major gas consumption inside Russia. For example, for today according to the technical agreement we should have received 510 million cubic meters of gas but we have only 450 million... Considering the abnormally cold winter in Russia, less gas is reaching our western border than is required under a technical agreement,” Boyko said.

The Minister also said that Ukraine does not sell gas from its underground storage facilities, but had increased gas intake to help pump more Russian gas across its territory to freezing Europe. "We are just helping our Russian partners to meet the obligations," he added.

Gazprom Deputy Chairman Andrei Kruglov said on Saturday Russia had cut gas deliveries to West Europe by some 10 percent over the past few days, but gas supplies had returned to normal levels after that.

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