Members of the Customs Union are ready to compensate Ukraine its possible losses due to its membership in the WTO, governmental representative on cooperation with CIS and Eurasian economic union Valery Muntiyan said in the air of "First national" TV channel.

"We have calculated the worst scenario. If WTO countries put in a claim for damage, Customs Union countries are ready to take this burden and share it. The matter concerns 1.9 billion dollars," Muntiyan said.

At the same time he underlined that Ukraine's WTO membership cannot be an obstacle for joining the Customs Union.

"Mathematic and economic modeling proves that in case of joining the Customs Union Ukraine will gain additional 1.5% of GDP growth," the official informed.

He reminded that for the moment Ukraine offers cooperation with the Customs Union in the "3+1" format, but Russia considers such format unacceptable.

Muntiyan also noted that in case of joining the Customs Union, all its members are obliged to carry out coordinated foreign economic policy.

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