Head of Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights Gennady Onishchenko declared that Ukrainian cheese might be banned for import or be withdrawn from the circulation after the examination by the department.

"Next series of examinations Russia plans to hold will result in concrete actions - to ban the product or to withdraw it from the circulation," Onishchenko told journalists in Moscow on Thursday.
He added that Ukraine's Agrarian Ministry promised to start expert talks, but has not fulfilled the promise yet.

According to Onishchenko, all samples of Ukrainian cheeses, taken in Moscow, contain palm oil, while the information on the package does not say it. "This gives us the right to arrest and withdraw from circulation if the situation does not change," he underlined.

Onishchenko explained that if cheese contains not animal, but vegetable fat, palm oil for example, it is no longer cheese, but a cheese product, and its price must be lower by 30%.

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