Due to frosts, educational establishments of Ukraine will be closed. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, weather forecasters promise the fall of temperature to minus 27-29°С. Frosts will last until February 6.

According to sanitary norms and rules, studies at initial forms of schools (1-4 classes) should be suspended with the fall of temperature to minus 24°С, in case of the lower temperature - all schoolchildren are sent to holidays. The Education Ministry recommends to suspend studies at higher educational establishments, vocational schools and kindergartens with the fall of temperature to -20°С. Actually, every region acts in its own way, in some regions studies have been already suspended, in some regions they continue, UKRINFORM reports.

In Kyiv and Kharkiv, studies may be suspended from tomorrow, when according to a forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center the temperature will fall to -20°С. In Kyiv, schools on duty will be for parents, having no someone to leave a child with at home.

"If the forecast confirms, we will suspend studies until February 5," head of the educational department at the Kyiv City State Administration Vira Horiunova says. But kindergartens will not be closed in Kyiv. "They are never closed, because it is warm there. And in order to bring a child to a kindergarten, a child should be additionally covered with a shawl," Horiunova explains.

The education ministry sources say that a problem of closing schools in case of bitter frosts is not in the fact that it is cold in the school premises, it can be solved with setting up additional heating radiators in summer. The matter is that schoolchildren often go to other part of the city to schools and they are exposed to cold for a long time.

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