Lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko says Yulia Tymoshenko wants to publicly confirm her consent to undergo a full medical examination by German doctors who officially offered their assistance.

“Yulia Tymoshenko was moved by the offer from the German physicians, who through the German ambassador in Ukraine expressed their willingness to provide her medical care. She is grateful to the German government and Chancellor Angela Merkel for the decision,” Serhiy Vlasenko said, according to Tymoshenko's official website.

Yulia Tymoshenko also agreed that Ukrainian doctors she trusts work together with the German experts. “But not those that shamed themselves by the false statements of the Ministry of Health commissions, but real experienced doctors, such as Professor Mykola Polishchuk. Obviously, Yulia Tymoshenko, like any other person, trusts experts who remember the Hippocratic Oath and don’t fulfill all Yanukovych’s whims,” he added.

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