First Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin believes that journalists are to blame for closing the criminal case against ex-president Leonid Kuchma regarding his involvement into murder of journalists Georgy Gongadze.

"I want to ask certain journalists, who always criticize everything: are you happy now? It was you, who assisted this [closing the case] with your criticizing articles," he said in an interview with "NBN".

"Recall what journalists were writing before: Kuchma is so-and-so, responsible for the death of the man; the situation in Ukraine is bad; the case against Kuchma is still not instituted, everybody is afraid... Remember? I remember too. Recall what happened after. I instituted a criminal case against Kuchma, and here came scandals, warnings, threats. What were journalists writing? Right! This is a self-promotion, he is doing this on purpose not to be expelled from the prosecution, he is working for some politicians who want to take TV channels from Kuchma and Pinchuk...Was there at least one journalist who wrote something appropriate, like finally a case against Kuchma has been instituted, finally an investigation will be held, let's support the prosecution? Nobody," Kuzmin complained.

"It turns out that no case is bad, but an instituted case is worse. And then the trouble began...They (prosecutors - ed.) called this one, but not that one. They announced 'abuse of power', but not 'murder contract' or 'complicity'. They are doing this to help out Kuchma. After the prosecution had finished the investigation it started to study the materials. And again journalists...These don't study, those study too slowly; Kuzmin must be fired, he investigated the case in a wrong way, he interrogated wrong witnesses...Everything is wrong...But what is wrong with you? What, all cooks and homeworkers are professional lawyers and investigators to tell us how to do our job? Without proper knowledge and education they tell us how to work and speak to mass media what went wrong," Kuzmin boiled over.

The official also commented on some accusations, published by mass media, on that he instituted the case against Kuchma knowing it would be closed and in order to 'clean' the former president. He called such accusations the height of cynicism.

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