The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine have decided to work out additional measures to secure energy independence of the country, NSDC head Raisa Bogatyryova told journalists after the Council's session.

According to Bogatyryova, the conditions of the current gas contracts with Russia threat national security of Ukraine. The contracts have led Ukraine's economy into abyss, and overrated tariffs have reduced Ukraine's competitiveness.

To prove her words Bogatyryova noted that annually Ukraine pays 96 billion hryvnias for Russian gas, and state losses are up to five billion dollars per year.

Speaking about persistent negotiations on revision of gas contracts, NSDC head says they may last very long. In this connection the NSDC has decided to work out a number of additional measures to secure energy independence of the country.

In particular, the NSDC proposes to diversify gas supplies, namely to repair strategic relations with other counties-suppliers of gas in the region; to increase gas production on the territory of Ukraine and to use it for domestic consumption; and to start mass introduction of energy saving projects and to use alternative sources.

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