Speaking about the political situation in Crimea we should remember that revenge-seeking forces will never give up, former Foreign Minister of Ukraine Gennady Udovenko told ForUm in a comment.

"From time to time outburst of anti-Ukrainian moods appear both in Crimea and Russia, especially on the eve of the presidential election in Russia. In addition, Ukrainian political elite admits that introduction of Constitution of Crimea was a mistake, as well as institute of presidency. The latter was proved by the so-called president of Crimea Meshkov, who headed anti-Ukrainian fight on the peninsular," Udovenko said.

According to him, anti-Ukrainian forces lift up their head again.

"It's a shame. The Ukrainian authorities should not be soft on separatists. The country needs severe measures to shut out anti-Ukrainian moods on the peninsular," the ex-FM noted.

The diplomat reminded that the parliament held recently the hearings on ethnic national policy. "National peace and harmony have prevailed in Ukraine for centuries. the Ukrainian authorities must do its best to maintain interethnic peace and should severely suppress any manifestation of separatism, chauvinism and other -isms," Udovenko summed up.

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