Head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchy, Patriarch Filaret confirmed in an interview with Weekly.ua that he was tied with KGB.

According to the Patriarch, all hierarchs without exception were tied with the Committee of state security of former USSR. "In USSR times nobody could become a hierarch without consent of KGB. Hence all those accusations of my connection to KGB are true. I was tied, as everybody else, without exceptions," he said.

"You should take into account the fact that in the Soviet totalitarian state everything was under control of KGB. I had to agree my activity with the state. For example, a hierarch did not have a right to nominate or appoint a priest without consent of KGB," Patriarch Filaret told and added he had no ranks, and attempts to persuade him into cooperation had no result.

"They knew I would never agree to sneak on my brothers. They always knew and know now," he summed up.

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