A criminal case against Yulia Tymoshenko regarding the activity of United Energy Systems of Ukraine, in particular the cover up of currency earnings, has been closed, ForUm learned from the press office of the Security Service of Ukraine.

In connection with Tymoshenko's stay in Kharkiv penal colony, the criminal case on cover up of currency earnings, tax evasion at the amount of 16 million hryvnias, illegal VAT refund at the amount of 25 million hryvnias, forge and attempted embezzlement of state means at the amount of 405.5 million dollars has been sent to the SBU investigation department of Kharkiv region.

SBU informed that in the course of investigation it was established that United Energy Systems of Ukraine introduced a financial scheme of covering up currency earnings and forged documents to simulate payment activity.

SBU press office reminded that in connection with the new legislation, in particular the law on decriminalization of economic crimes, which came into force January 17, the criminal responsibility for covering up currency earnings has been lifted, and this criminal case against Tymoshenko has been closed. 

Investigation into other episodes of Tymoshenko's criminal activity continues.

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