Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov declares that Ukraine does not intend to buy from Russia the amount of gas envisaged in the current contracts.

"We told them clearly that we are not planning to buy such a huge amount of gas, envisaged in these enslaving contracts," he told journalists in Khmelnytsky on Tuesday, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

Commenting on Ukrainian-Russian gas talks in Moscow, Azarov said: "The subject of the talks is the same, the one that has already set our teeth on edge. We must finally conclude these negotiations. How long can we talk? It's time to find a solution."

"What have we done so wrong to be punished with such contract? For what sins do we have to buy such expensive gas? It's time to stop and give an answer to why our people should pay such a high price," Azarov said and reminded that gas price for Ukraine is $516 per thousand cubic meters without taking into account the "Kharkiv discount".

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