Ukraine should strive for the signature of the free trade area agreement with the EU, despite the serious crisis in the European Union countries, this opinion was expressed by Executive Director of the Bleyzer Foundation Oleh Ustenko during a press conference at UKRINFORM.

"Movement to the European Union is reasonable for Ukraine even now. Europe is the largest market in the world. Total GDP of Europe made up EUR 12.6 trillion in 2011. The European market is 10 fold greater against Russian. Even if the European economy starts to fall, this fall will not be catastrophic and Ukraine should not ignore such a market," the expert said.

Under conditions of the growing crisis in the euro zone and worsening of the world economy, many countries will start putting trade barriers against Ukraine. Every state will pursue its policy of protectionism, protecting internal markets. "For Ukraine, the signature of the agreement on the free trade area would mean that new trade barriers will not be put against Ukraine, at least, in the short-term perspective," the Executive Director of the Bleyzer Foundation is convinced.

According to the expert, the signature of the FTA agreement with the European Union will give Ukraine an inflow of direct foreign investments, possibility for the Ukrainian private sector to enter European sites in the medium-term perspective. "In the FTA agreement there is a great institutional component, which will considerably improve the investment climate in the country," Ustenko is convinced.

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