Introduction of state medical insurance is the key factor of the healthcare reform, Party of Regions MP and deputy head of the parliamentary committee on healthcare Viktor Korzh told ForUm in a comment.

According to the MP, in the healthcare sector the leading role must belong to the state medicine. "However, the most acceptable variant of further financing of the state system of medical assistance is switching to the obligatory state medical insurance," Korzh said.

"Only the obligatory state medical insurance can provide proper realization of solidarity principle in the healthcare sector, according to which rich people pay for the less ensured members of the society, healthy people pay for the sick and working layers pay for unemployed," he underlined and added that private medical practice and independent funds of voluntary medical insurance also have a room for development.

At the same time Korzh drew attention to the difficult economic conditions Ukraine lives in now and stated that Ukraine is not ready to switch to the obligatory state medical insurance immediately, as the level of income of the majority of the population does not allow doing this.

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