Kyiv police department has arrested a pander, who kept in thrall three women forcing them to work as prostitutes. According to the police report, the pander was looking for young 'workers', from 20 to 35 years old, on the Kyiv railway station.

"Good-looking 41-year-old man was making acquaintances with women from province and offering them a job. Having received their consent, the man was buying them nice clothes and cosmetics, but then was taking their passports, beating them up and forcing to work for food and housing. The pander was brining women to the orbital, where they had to 'serve' three-five clients per night. The women were paid for sex from 150 to 500 hryvnias for an hour, but the pander was taking all the money. The man was buying food and clothes and was keeping the women locked in an apartment," the report says.

Under such conditions the women have been working for a month, but then got detained by police patrol.

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