Traffic police officers saved the life of a taxi driver, poisoned by a passenger.

"It happened on Christmas in Mykolaiv. To avoid paying the bill a passenger drugged the coffee of the taxi driver and escaped. Taxi driver Oleksandr Romanov told us that a passenger asked to bring him from Kherson to Mykolaiv. When they arrived to the destination point the passenger asked to wait for his girlfriend and offered a cup of coffee. In several minutes the driver felt bad and the passenger went to the nearby bushes, hoping for the driver to lose consciousness. But the driver managed to start the car and to drive to the nearest check point of traffic police.  He asked the officers to bring him to a hospital and fainted," the police report says.

According to doctors of a hospital, the taxi driver was lucky to be brought so fast. Some minutes longer and the taxi driver would have died. After the examination the doctors diagnosed poisoning with a psychoactive substance.

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