President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has submitted to the parliament the draft bill on Criminal Procedure Code, President's aid Andriy Portnov told a briefing.

According to Portnov, the draft bill has passed two international expert evaluations. The official also added that the President submitted the draft bill as a priority.

The draft bill contains a number of innovations, among which there is a new restraint - home arrest. The term of pre-trial detention is limited to six months for suspects of misdemeanor and to 12 months for those accused of a grave crime.

The document also provides for dismounting of metal cages for defendants in court rooms and installation of glass fences, in accordance with international standards.  

According to Portnov, President's Administration expects the draft bill to be passed in its first reading in the beginning of February and in its second reading in the end of February. In March the President expects the document for signing.

The President's aid added that the new Criminal Procedure Code would come into force after six months since the adoption.

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