Head of the Penitentiary service Oleksandr Lisitskov states former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko did not lose consciousness in her cell, ForUm correspondent reports.

"It was evening of January 6. Tymoshenko took a shower for about 30 minutes. After the shower she felt sickliness and asked her cellmate to call a doctor. The doctor with nurse arrived within 4 minutes. They established that Tymoshenko was suffering from low blood pressure and made her injection. In 5-10 minutes the pressure was stabilized," Lisitskov told journalists in the parliament.

He also informed that there is not video recording of the incident, as the video surveillance system of the prison does not archive recordings.

Lisitskov also assured that the Penitentiary service has no intention to hide any information on Tymoshenko or any other detainee.

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