On January 17, according to the law on decriminalization of economic crimes, the criminal responsibility for smuggling goods will be lifted. At the same time, the administrative responsibility, including financial sanctions, will be toughened.

In accordance with the new law, the fine for smuggling is 100% of the cost of the smuggled goods plus confiscation without alternative. For repeated violation the customs rules provide for fine at 200% of cost of the smuggled goods. The new law also provides for confiscation of a vehicle, used for smuggling. The final decision on further fate of confiscated goods and vehicles will be made by a court.

Importers, exporters, as well as transporters can be held responsible for violation of customs regulations. That's why a transporter must check the exact number of pieces of freight, layout and numbers, outside condition of the load and its wrapping.

"The State customs service calls upon all international transporters to be attentive and not to let anybody to get them involved into illegal actions, which may bring them to financial sanctions. We understand that transporters should not become hostages of the situation. Transporters are not supposed to check whether the washing powder they are transporting contains drugs. If you cannot perform total and exact examination of the number of freight pieces, layout and numbers or outside condition of the load and its wrapping, you should mention it in the customs declaration. In such a way a transporter can caution against possible responsibility for violation of customs regulations," head of the anti-smuggling department and corruption Oleksandr Popivniak told a press conference.

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