In Krasnodon district of Luhansk region officials of tax police has liquidated illegal 800-meter long underground oil pipe and storage with two tankers of 30 tons.

Press office of the State tax administration reported that the oil pipe was used for smuggling fuel and lubricant from Russia. According to an official of the anti-smuggling department Vyacheslav Merkushev, the illegal business was industry oriented.

"Several hundred meters far from the Russian-Ukrainian border, in Belenkoye village, the unknown set an illegal oil depot on the territory, rented for poultry plant. The depot was sued as storage for smuggled diesel fuel," Merkushev informed.

In the course of the investigation the officials revealed specialized equipment, three pumps, two counters, a highwall-drilling machine and 53 tons of diesel fuel. The total cost of collected items makes more than 550 thousand hryvnias.

Tax service officials continue further investigation in order to reveal the names of the involved into smuggling deals.

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