Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has approved amendments to the law on heat supply regarding the use of the technological minimum of natural gas, according to which it is permitted to restrict the minimum gas consumption to debtor companies.

The document envisages that the technological minimum of natural gas consumption is the minimum level of natural gas used by a facility in the field of heat supply, which provides the nominal operation of a company and prevents the appearance of manmade and natural emergency situations and is determined through methods approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, UKRINFORM reports.

In case of the non-payment or incomplete payment of the fee for the used gas and services on its transportation, a gas supply organization has the right to limit the consumption of gas by business entities in the field of heat supply, for which tariffs were set at an economically justified level, to the technological minimum of consumption.

At the same time, "one of the principles outlining state policy in the field of heat supply is a ban on the disconnection of heating facilities during the heating period from electricity, gas and water supply as socially and strategically important facilities."

The adoption of this law has been initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers.

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