Former BYuT deputy Roman Zabzalyuk has joined the faction of "Reforms for future", speaker Volodymyr Lytyvn announced at today's plenary session.

As reported, on December 23 MP Zabzalyuk left BYuY faction for unknown reasons. The deputy used to take active part in the faction's life, was one of the MPs of inner circle close to Yulia Tymoshenko herself. Leaving of Zabzalyuk has become a shock for his colleagues, and majority of BYuT deputies refuse to comment on the situation.

Former faction head Ivan Kyrylenko told journalsits that speaker's announcement was a surprise for him. "Zabzalyuk is a serious man. I still cannot believe he has left. May be it is some kind of mistake," he said. Kyrylenko also doubted that Zabzalyuk's leaving is connected with the change of leadership in the faction.

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