In 2011, the general fund of Ukraine's national budget received UAH 265.82 billon, which is UAH 58.35 billion, or 28.1%, up year-on-year, the State Treasury reported on Thursday.

The national budget's special fund last year received UAH 48.8 billion, the statement reads, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

The revenues target of the national budget for 2011, taking into account its amendments, was UAH 257.33 billion to the general fund and UAH 46.55 billion to the special fund. Thus, these targets were over-fulfilled by 3.3% and 4.8%, respectively.

The national budget revenues from profit taxes in 2011 grew by 52.2% year-on-year to UAH 54.74 billion, those from VAT on domestic commodities increased by 42% to UAH 76.18 billion, those from VAT on imported commodities grew by 27% to UAH 93.17 billion, the State Treasury said.

According to the statement, in 2011 the sum of value added tax (VAT) refunds was UAH 42.78 billion, including an automatic VAT reimbursement to 326 taxpayers of UAH 15.8 billion. In particular, in December 2011, 220 taxpayers received UAH 1.97 billion in VAT refunds.

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