Interior Minister of Ukraine Vitaly Zakharchenko believes that two suspects, arrested for robbery of Privat bank department in Donetsk, during which five people were killed, initially planned the crime.

"Suspects did not hide their faces, which proves their intentions to kill," the Minister told the briefing adding that a number of facts, including testimonies of the suspects also indicate the malicious intent.

Zakharchenko informed that suspects were not among the bank staff, but employees of a firm on video surveillance equipment. Back in 2007 one of the private firms won the tender on installation of video surveillance in the bank department. In fact, one of the detainees was in the team, that installed video cameras in the bank, the Minister said. 

Bank employees found out that one of the cameras did not work properly and called the technical team to repair the system. That is how the suspects got in to the bank, the Minister informed.

"The guard knowing them by sight opened the door and let them in. These people did not even hide their face, initially planning the crime. When the signalization went off the offenders got scared and opened fire. It was a psychological breakdown, and the robbers started shooting people inside," Zakharchenko told the press.

Speaking about suspects, the Minister informed that both had previous convictions - one for murder (early released on parole in 2009) and another for assault causing body injuries.

One of the suspects admitted he was using drugs.

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