Executive office of Russian President insists on settling with Ukraine the issue of foreign property of the former USSR, the head of the executive office Vladimir Kozhyn says.

"We have problems on foreign property only with Ukraine, and it concerns about 10 counties, including Austria and Japan. For the moment we are at the stage of silent confrontation with Ukraine, as there is no agreement on this issue," Kozhyn said.

The official also informed that the executive office of the Russian President jointly with the Foreign Ministry of Russia is carrying out legal works on re-registration of property of the former USSR.
In response to the question whether Russia has offered Ukraine a financial compensation for objects it lays claims to, Kozhyn said: "We have not, and we have no intentions to do so."

According to him, in 90-ies years Russia paid off all external debts of the former USSR, and consequently, foreign property of former USSR belongs to Russia.

"Why do we have to pay? In 90-ies Russia itself was half-starved but paid off all the debts nevertheless," Kozhyn pointed out.

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