The source of radiation contamination of the soil in the center of Severodonetsk city, Luhansk region, has not been found yet, press secretary of the regional public prosecutor's office Oleksandr Zaitsev informed, adding that the soil measuring 0.25 cu m has been dug out and brought outside the city.

At the end of December of the last year excess radiation background was registered in the center of Severodonetsk city, near a hospital. Deputy of the Severodonestk city council Serhiy Samarski informed that according to preliminary data a certain geodesic device containing cesium was broken on the place, but its pieces have not been found.

"The source of cesium has not been found yet. The contaminated soil has been dug out and brought outside the city, probably to the chemical plant "Azot" for further disposal," Samarski said.
He also added that the published data on radiation background is not accurate. "The data is not accurate, because the radiation background was measured with different devices. Journalists, for example, measured the radiation with a household device and overrated the background by several thousand times. We've checked the radiation background near the hospital, and it is in line with the norms," Samarski said.

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