In 2012 Ukraine will purchase only 27 milliard cu m of gas from Russia, Energy Minister Yuri Boiko told "Channel 5".

The Minister informed that Ukraine has already filed an application for 27 milliard cu m. "We have warned our partners that our economy cannot withstand the current gas price and that we will shift to our own energy resources," he said.

As a reminder, In 2011 Ukraine has purchased 40 milliard cu m of Russian gas.

The official informed that the reduction of consumption of gas volumes in 2012 is caused by the price rise for Russian gas. "We have told our partners that we will reduce the volumes. If the gas price drops we will buy more, if not, well, we will buy as much as our budget allows," he added.
According to Boiko, Ukraine will use coal instead of gas. "This year the production of coal is 80 million tons," he informed.

According to the gas contracts between Naftogaz and Gazprom, concluded in 2009 by then PM Yulia Tymoshenko, from 2010 Naftogaz planned to purchase 52 milliard cu m of gas. At the same time, in case of purchasing less than 80% of the agreed amount Naftogaz is obliged to pay for 80% in full anyway, according to the condition 'take or pay'.

The contract also provides for reduction of the agreed amount of gas by mutual consent, but maximum by 20% (to 41.6 milliard cu m), and the application for such reduction must be filed before July 1 of the previous year. Taking into account the condition 'take or pay' the minimal amount of purchase is 33.3 milliard cu m.

Naftogaz filed an application for purchase of 27 milliard cu m of gas in August.

The expected Ukraine's demand of gas in 2012 is 61.3 milliard cu m, 21.6 milliard of which will be the gas of domestic production, 33.9 milliard cu m of gas will be imported and 5.8 milliard cu m will be take from the underground gas storages.

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