The outgoing year 2011 has been full of events. According to Eastern calendar the New Year belongs to Dragon, mythical creature with furious temper. Astrologists say that if 2011 was a year of thinking and preparations, 2012 promises mysterious events and catastrophes. Besides, Maya's calendar is coming to its end...

Even without prophecies it is clear that 2012 will be difficult for Ukraine: parliamentary elections, Euro-2012, population census and many other events.

ForUm has asked the powers that be to comment on the events of the outgoing year and on what to expect in the next one.

Oleksandr Yefremov, head of the Party of Regions faction:

- 2011 is very eventful. We have adopted a number of determining documents. We have corrected all flaws regarding the preparation to Euro-2012. We have adopted the legislative base, which united both the authorities and opposition.

Despite the world crisis and problems in the state, including the gas price we inherited from the previous authorities, we have fulfilled all social guarantees and have not reduced social benefits.

There are a lot of positive moments in the work made during 2011. And we have every reason to say that the next year will be better.

Yuri Poluneyev, MP, out-of-staff President's aid:

- The outgoing year was not easy, because serious structural reforms have not been accomplished, and economic and financial situation in the world has worsened.

Anyway, 2011 has brought certain achievements: the decisions have been finally made on such 'forgotten' issues as reformation of banking sector, energy sector, agriculture. On the other hand, 2011 has revealed Ukraine's strong dependence on fluctuation of the world system.

As for 2012, I think it will bring economic recession due to probable sovereign defaults and mass financial and bank crises in Western Europe, which will affect Ukraine.

Economic recession in countries-partners can result in the reduction of export and unpleasant situation with balance of paymetns.

I don't want to dramatize the situation, but the parliamentary elections and Euro-2012...

Well, Euro-2012 may bring some moral relief for the society, while the elections will worsen the situation. Elections are definitely out of time. I believe it will bring political destabilization.

Serhiy Hrynevetski, MP from People's party:

- 2011 has been an unpredictable year, but in the end it has not turned out that well as expected, and Ukraine has appeared in the rating of the worst economies.

As for 2012, there are two variants - the worst and hardly probable, and we will have to choose.

Euro-2012 and parliamentary elections are serious load on the budget. Elections are the motivation for the government to pay off social engagements and guarantees, which is a load on the budget. Euro-2012 is an obligation to finish necessary infrastructure objects, which is also a load of the budget.

Hence, we will have a problem with filling the budget and with its further rational distribution. Therefore, as I said, there are two variants - the worst and hardly probable.

Petro Symonenko, leader of the Communist party of Ukraine:

- As for 2011, it should be analyzed from the point of two Ukraines: a Ukraine for rich and a Ukraine for poor.

For ordinary people the year has been difficult due to the crisis and external factors of pressure, such as requirements of international community.

As for another part of the society, the year has enabled rich people to increase their wealth. You can easily read in magazines about how 45 million people has become poorer and up to 200 people has become very and very rich.

As for the next year, economists predict difficulties. The crisis will deepen. This crisis can not be overcome within a year, as it has economic constituent. That's why it will be very and very hard.

Ivan Kyrylenko, MP from BYuT faction:

- 2011 has brought us to the sidetrack. Exaggerated politicization has affected the society, economy and trade. All this distracts the society from creation. We could have become an associate member of the EU and could have had its trade rules. But we have lost the opportunity because the politicization has reached its apogee, which has shocked Europe and the world.

The year could have been better if we had implemented the program of import substitution. Many of imported goods can be produced in Ukraine, but instead we support foreign manufactures.

It would have been better, if we had got rid of off-shores. Income goes abroad, investing other countries. We should have stopped 'black' salaries, increasing in such a way payments to the Pension Fund. In general, the reforms of 2011 have been started "from the end".

Unless we have European "credit card" in the form of associate membership and free trade area, 2012 will be unfavourable.

Euro-2012 is a good sign. We are receiving guests, but it is only the top of the iceberg. We have to meet the requirements of the European parliament, we have to enter European family and adopt its values. If these conditions are not fulfilled the parliamentary elections will shake loose the situation, but if they are, people will forget about political persecution and will welcome freedom of speech and economic liberties.

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