The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has set a quota for export of oil of Ukrainian origin at the amount of 0 tons. The corresponding resolution was adopted December 26 and has been published Thursday, December 29.

According to the resolution, the quota for export of Ukrainian gas has not been determined yet: the government plans to set the quota in accordance with the expected annual balance of receiving and distribution of natural gas.

The resolution also says that in case of increase of quotas for oil export, corresponding licenses will be granted by a decision of the special commission under the Ministry of economic development and trade.

In 2010 and 2011 the natural gas and oil of Ukrainian origin were in the list of goods, subjected for licensing, but export quotas were not set.

According to the data of the State Customs Service, in 2010 and 2011 export of oil and its products from Ukraine were not realized. The last time these items were exported was in 2009 - 7.5 tons worth $2.3 million were exported to Poland and Moldova.

At the beginning of September 2011, Energy Minister Yuri Boiko declared that if Gazprom insisted on purchasing Russian gas in full amount, registered in the contract, Ukraine would export gas of domestic production. Re-export of Russian as is prohibited by the agreements.

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