In 2011 Ukraine's economy, despite the difficult international situation, was developing quite well, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine - President's Representative in the Cabinet of Ministers Iryna Akimova told the press.

"The Ukrainian economy in difficult international conditions has survived and was developing quite well. If we compare us with other countries, so on the rate of growth, and inflation, fiscal deficit, public debt - and this is the most important things - we look more than decent," she said,UKRINFORM reported.

According to Akimova, this assessment is proved by objective measures. "The overall growth of GDP will be about 5%, the growth of industry and agriculture - this is objective facts showing that really much was done to stabilize the macroeconomic situation in Ukraine," the president's aide noted.

She particularly emphasized: these macroeconomic indicators helped increase social benefits. "Surely, we would like more. But the economy can't give social benefits only what it earns," Akimova said.

At the same time, she stressed: the economic situation in the country has not only managed to keep from falling - in most industries there was economic growth. "In practice we are entering the next year to stop the growth of public debt at a time when in other countries the trend is quite the opposite. Believe me, it's very hard to do... The fact that Ukraine's economy in 2011, which was very hard for entire Europe, was growing, can not be underestimated," the official underscored.

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