State inspection of Ukraine on consumer's rights has inspected more than 200 enterprises all over Ukraine, the head of the inspection Serhiy Orekhov told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to Orekhov, production of 62% of enterprises does not meet the state standards. The official also informed that the inspection holds daily spot checks and reports directly to the Prime Minister. Among the production of suspicious quality Orekhov named children toys and decorations for New Year, composition of which can provoke allergic reaction or cause fire.

In order to secure oneself against production of poor quality, official of the department on state standards Voloshynets advises consumers to demand certificate of quality and not be tempted with low prices.

Voloshynets also pointed out that consumers should be careful while choosing red wine, red caviar and sausage, as ingredients written on a packing often do not correspond to real composition. 

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