Ukrainian side will continue trying to compromise on gas price with Russia, spokesman of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry Oleh Voloshyn said.

"Unfairness of this price is obvious, including for Russia. But Russia is a seller, hence the current gas price is profitable for them, and having such formula Russia can exclude the word "gas" from bilateral dialogue for seven years," he noted.

According to Voloshym, there is a number of economic and political conditions, provided for negotiations on reduction of gas price. "We are ready for economic concessions, but as for political conditions, we cannot sacrifice such principle matter as our European integration. That's why the negotiations are so complicated," he said.

"We will look for acceptable formula. We can even consider the matter of the status of the Russian language, but the authorities understand there are lines, which cannot be crossed. First of all, it concerns any matter that can impede the signing of Association agreement and further closer relations with EU. As for the pipe, I believe that the state pipe without gas is worse than the public pipe with gas. The gas transportation system is just an economic asset, and it is ridiculous to turn the economic asset into a fetish. An economic asset must work and bring money, and it does not matter in whose possession. What is the point to stay with the pipe without gas? It is obvious that Ukraine is ready to compromise," the official underlined.

Voloshyn says the authorities do not consider the question whether to create a gas consortium or not, but under what conditions to create. "All we want is to create a trilateral consortium with participation of European companies and with guarantees that this consortium does not turn into an instrument of political pressure on Ukraine," he explained.

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