One year has passed since former Minister for Internal Affairs Yuri Lutsenko was arrested. He is accused of abuse of power and embezzlement of state property. Lutsenko himself believes his arrest and trial are political persecution and intends to come back to big politics.

Yuri Lutsenko was unexpectedly arrested when he was walking with his dog.

The Prosecutor's General Office accuses Lutsenko of acting in collusion with his driver Leonid Prystuplyuk in order to seize state funds.

Lutsenko allegedly ordered to employ his driver in the investigation department. According to the prosecution, Prystuplyuk was illegally paid the salary and illegally got one-room apartment.

Majority of witnesses in court hearings declare Lutsenko was not giving any illegal orders. Moreover, such practice is common in the department. At least drivers of Lutsenko's predecessor were employed under same conditions.

Some witnesses say they are being pressed by investigators of the prosecution. Lutsenko's trial has been in motion since July 5. Lawyers of the defense believe witnesses will be questioned for at least another month. 

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