Today, December 23, in accordance with the order of the Kyiv city state administration signed by Kyiv mayor Oleksandr Popov, enterprise "Directorate of restoration works" starts conservation of the remaining foundation of the Church of the Dime on the territory of national archeological monument.

According to director of the enterprise Genandy Gera, the works will be conducted under supervision and control of scientists. The works are planned to be finished by December 31. Total 460 vehicles with sand and special ground will be used to preserve the remains of the unique archeological finding. It is planned to build the so-called clay castle, which will prevent moisture from getting to the foundation and its further destruction. Temporary conservation of the monument aimed at protection from unfavourable weather conditions.

As a reminder, members of an archeological expedition noted that taking into account the condition of the foundation of the Church the authorities must take urgent measures to save the historical shrine.

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