Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that he strongly opposes any revolutions, the head of government was speaking in an interview with Larry King, the renowned American broadcaster and journalist, according to UKRINFORM.

"Probably, Ukraine has already exhausted its limit on revolutions. We have recently had a revolution - 7 years ago. People felt what it was like. Some politicians in Ukraine really want revolutions, but I am a strong opponent of revolutions," Azarov emphasized.

According to the prime minister, in 2004 Ukraine was one of the most successful countries in Europe with a GDP growth of more than 15% and an extreme pace of export growth. "Just imagine 10 years of such development - and now Ukraine could be totally different. And then, in late 2004 we saw the so-called Orange Revolution - we were taken away for five years," Azarov said.

A reminder that in November Larry King in Kyiv recorded an interview with Mykola Azarov at the First National television channel.

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