The state veterinary and sanitary service of Ukraine has registered another two cases of rabies in Kyiv - in Dneprovski and Obolon districts.

"December 7 a dead stray dog was delivered to the Kyiv department on fighting animal rabies. According to preliminary data the animal bit a resident of Dneprovski district. After examination the animal was diagnosed with rabies. Another stray animal - cat - was diagnosed with rabies after the body had been delivered to the department. Examination revealed the animal died December 20," report of the veterinary service says.

According to the information of vet specialists, among the reasons of such alarming situation on rabies in Kyiv are poor control over housing of cats and dogs and carelessness of animals' owners, insufficient work of communal services on cleaning the city territory, poor work of brigade on capture of stray animals. Negligence at all levels results in the increase of number of stray animals and their further uncontrolled reproduction, which increases the risk of being bitten, the report says.

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