The Government plans to reach the pre-crisis level of development 2012, while in 2011 it has managed to stabilize the domestic economy, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov told the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday.

Summing up the work of the Government for this year, Mykola Azarov noted that 2011 was "challenging, but crucial year," marked with real positive results of anti-crisis policy.

"In 2011 there was the second stage of overcoming the crisis in Ukraine," the Prime Minister said, noting that reduction of state budget deficit was achieved by stabilizing the economy. According to him, in 2009 the general state deficit reached almost the largest in Europe mark - 18%, in 2010 the Government managed to reduce it to less than 5%, and the current year budget deficit would not exceed 3.5%.

Among other achievements of the government in 2011 Mykola Azarov named inflation control, which by the end of 2011 will not to exceed 5%  for the first time in many years, while in 2008 inflation was 25%, and in 2010 - 9.1%. In addition, the PM said that the national currency has been stable for two years.

"In 2012 we expect to reach pre-crisis level of development. For the whole time of our work we have been focused on restoring and strengthening the national economy. Why? Because it's the only way to give the citizens of Ukraine stable earnings and social security," Mykola Azarov summed up.

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