Minister for emergency control Viktor Baloha has delivered an official letter to Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, in which he explains the existing problems with financing of the Ministry, ForUm learned from the press office of the department.

In particular, Baloha draws attention to the delay of financing. "In November the Emergency Control Minsitry did not get 19.4 million hryvnias for final disposal of Chernobyl nuclear power plant, 10.9 million for civil protection programs, 9 million for housing for Chernobyl victims and 19.6 million for maintenance of the alienation zone, energy blocks and 'Shelter' and for construction of 'Vector' complex," the Minsiter says in the letter.

He also informed that in December the State Treasury department did not allocate 37.8 million for financing measures at Chernobyl plant objects and in the alienation zone, 2.5 million for paying Ukraine's fee for EBRD nuclear security, 11 million for purchasing machinery and equipment for search-and-rescue department.

The Minister calls upon the Finance Ministry and State treasury to provide full and timely financing of the Emergency Ministry's expenses, relating to fulfillment of Ukraine's international engagements, social protection and citizens' security.

Baloha also informed the PM about the situation with financing of the emergency call system '112'. According to Baloha, the Finance Ministry did not provide Emergency Ministry with any means for the development of the system.  "Instead, the state budget for 2012 allocates for some reasons 452 million hryvnias to UkrEuroInfProject for development of '112' system.

In his letter the Minister points out that it is inappropriate to allocate means for '112' system to an organization, which is not even involved into its development. According to Baloha, "these are signs of certain corruption in some departments."

The Minister calls upon the Premier to interfere and to reallocate the means from UkrEuroInfProject to Emergency Control Ministry, and warns that if otherwise the program on '112' emergency call system will not be realized within the terms. 

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