The existing wording of the law on land will create a cast of speculators on the market, President of the Association Ukrainian Agribusiness Club Alex Lissitsa has said.

"The law, which was adopted in the first reading last week, will create two players on the market: Ukrainian citizens and the state. This means that Ukrainian citizens may purchase exclusively up to 100 ha of land and only those, having income declarations," he told a business conference, according to UKRINFORM.

According to the Agribusiness Club President, this means that small holdings or individual economies, whose owners never in their life submitted a declaration about their incomes, will not be able to purchase the land respectively."

Therefore, a kind of a cast of speculators will be set up, who will repurchase by 100 ha of land and let it on a lease to large agricultural companies," Lissitsa said.

As it was reported, December 9, the Parliament made its first step towards the land sale since 2013, having adopted in the first reading the revised law "On the Land Market."

According to the document, land buyers may be only citizens of Ukraine and the state. It is envisaged that one person may purchase no more than 100 ha of land. Setting up of the State Land Bank is also envisaged.

The opposition did not vote for the document. As OU-PSD Deputy Anatoliy Hrytsenko said, this law will never set up any "market," all the land will be purchased by several well-known families.

In total, in Ukraine there are over 60 million ha of lands, including 41.8 ha of farm lands, out of these, the arable land makes up 33 million ha.

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