The most widespread form of violence against women is psychological violence, director of the Analytical center 'Socioconsulting' Iryna Demchenko told a press conference on observation of rights and tolerance towards women of sex industry, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to her, such results were announced by International Alliance on AIDS/HIV in Ukraine, which held a public poll among 300 prostitutes and 42 procurers.

Among the methods of psychological violence are insulting, humiliation, pressing, blackmailing and intimidation.

"These methods are usually applied to prostitutes by clients, police officials, procurers, husbands, cohabiters or parents," Demchenko specified.

The second place is held by physical violence: inflicting injuries, shadowing, controlling, forcing to provide sex services, forcing to use drugs, non-rendering medical assistance.

Such form of violence is usually applied by clients (beating up and forcing into degenerate conversation) and police officials.

According to the official of the International Alliance on AIDS/HIV in Ukraine Pavlo Skala, prostitutes in Ukraine are deprived of their rights and persecuted by the law - it is planned to increased fines from 75-170 UAH to 340-1700 UAH.

"The authorities fill in the budget at the expense of sex industry. This is unacceptable. In the letter to the authorities we call to ban legal penalties, to deprive police officials of the right to impose fines and to revise the legislation with further decriminalization of sex work," he said.

According to the social statistics there are 70 thousand prostitutes in Ukraine, and unofficially they are more than 100 thousand.

If prostitution cannot be defeated, protect its workers, sociologists say.

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