Ukraine must hold consultations with participants of the Customs Union and Russia before signing the free trade agreement with the European Union, authorized secretary of the Customs Union commission Sergey Glaziyev believes.

"I must say that Ukrainian authorities official avoid holding any talks on participation in our integration processes, and we see they follow the old path... - free trade area with the European Union," he told a press conference 'On perspectives of Eurasian integration of Ukraine'.

Ukrainian authorities also ignore consultations with the Customs Union or Russia regarding possible consequences of its free trade agreement with the EU, Glaziyev underlined.

"According to the agreement signed in St. Petersburg one month ago, in case of making agreements with the third part, especially with such big as the EU, the country is obliged to hold consultations with its partners. We cannot be indifferent to the condition of the FTA agreement between Ukraine and the EU. There are risks that this agreement can water down the free trade relations with the Customs Union or with other CIS counties, who signed that agreement," the official said.

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