EU officials are not sure whether the negotiations on Association agreement will be completed by EU-Ukraine summit, scheduled for December 19, head of Political Section of EU representative office in Ukraine Hannes Schreiber said.

According to him, the text of Association agreement with Ukraine has not been agreed yet.
The politician noted that the agreement concerns not only economic issues, but also such values as democracy, human rights and supremacy of law.

According to him, it happened that negotiations on EU membership with some countries were interrupted due to negative events in the sphere of democracy.

Schreiber pointed out that signing and ratification of the agreement would depend on the situation with democracy, human rights and supremacy of law in Ukraine. "I hope we will complete the negotiations, and political conditions will let to put it into operation soon," he added.

According to Schreiber, the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU consists of 1800 pages, while previous agreements, concluded by the EU with other countries, consisted of 40-50 pages.

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