President Viktor Yanukovych is sympathetic towards the demands of Chornobyl disaster clean-up workers, he said this in a statement on the occasion of honoring the cleaners of Chornobyl accident consequences on Wednesday.

"I would like to praise the active work of non-governmental organizations of the Chornobyl cleaners, I understand their demands and call for a further open dialogue with the Government of Ukraine. We should be mutually accountable in this important matter," the president said, according to UKRINFORM.

The head of state emphasized that not everything has been done for the Chornobyl accident cleaners to have a decent life and conditions for healthcare now. "We will make every effort to remedy the situation," he underscored.

Yanukovych said next year the government will significantly increase pension benefits for the Chornobyl cleaners with disabilities, during the year a program of reconstruction and renovation of specialized hospitals for patients will be implemented, they will be provided with free medication and enhanced nutrition.

"As President, I will continue to monitor this process, I will support all constructive initiatives aimed at social protection of citizens affected by the disaster," Yanukovych underlined.

He added that the history of the development of our country is inextricably linked to Chornobyl.

On behalf of the Ukrainian people, the President thanked the Chornobyl accident cleaners for their courage and sacrifice shown in a difficult time for our land, and wished them good health, long and happy life, fulfillment of hopes and desires.

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