Reduction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine contradicts the idea of a non-aligned status of the state. President of the Atlantic Council of Ukraine Vadym Hrechaninov made a statement to this effect at the 8th assembly of the Ukraine-NATO Civic League. In his view, this important from the standpoint of national security issue should be settled in the new Military Doctrine and National Security Strategy of Ukraine, which are under development.

"Today, it is impossible to explain how a state can be non-aligned and at the same time reduce its armed forces. It is likely that a new version of these documents (the military doctrine and national security strategy - Ed.) will help us and perhaps our power to understand this," the expert said, UKRINFORM reports.

According to Hrechaninov, work on a new version of the Military Doctrine and the National Security Strategy of Ukraine has been continuing for more than a year, and the drafts are already being prepared for making public.

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