In Popassnianski district of Luhansk region archeologists of "Heritage" center together with students of Dal's national university have found a treasure of bronze weapon in Cimmerian burial place of X-IX centuries B.C.

According to the press office of the Dal's university, totally 15 items of weapon, including bronze dagger, rare types of spearheads, darts and arrows have been found.

The report also says that the archeologists had to recollect some pieces from private collections. "Some items of the treasure were stolen and appeared in collections of local antiquarians. After a month of investigation the archeologists managed to collect of the items of the Cimmerian treasure, which was called 'Belogorovski treasure'," the report says.

All ancient weapons will be submitted for scientific tests and later will be placed in the exhibition of Dal's university on early Iron Age.

Cimmerians buried their dead in the traditions of Bronze Age. Grave items included mainly ceramic dishes. Buried treasures of weapon are very rare, as Cimmerians were bringing their weapons down in families and kept them hidden as precious things.

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