Emergency Control Minister Viktor Baloha still believes the alienation zone of Chernobyl must be totally open and accessible to all comers.

"I admit that the adopted regulations are not exactly what I imagined and hoped for. At least the access for scientists, experts, journalists and monitoring commissions is still open," Baloha said commenting on the adopted regulations of visits to Chernobyl zone.

The Minister pointed out that illegal tourism to Chernobyl zone is, always has been and will be. According to Baloha, the Ministry just wanted to legalize it. "We just wanted to make people stop sneaking around. Hence we issued an order of visits. The rest of the story you know," he said.

The Emergency Control Minister insists that the alienation zone must be totally open. "I don't mean to make it a public place, but every person should have access to its territory," he explained.

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