Doctors of Kyiv ambulances have a list of troubled apartments and don't go to such places any more. According to the chief doctor Anatoly Vershygora, the number of attack on doctors has increased lately. In this connection police departments plan to equip ambulances with a button of emergency call.

According to newspaper "Segondnia", doctors admit they work at their own risk. "We cannot even count on police sometimes. For example, we are called to an apartment full of inadequate people, who had a fight. But we arrive earlier than the police," says one of the emergency doctors.

Other doctors admit there is a black list of apartments they distribute among themselves. If in some apartment a doctor got into trouble or found a nest of drug addicts, ambulances will not respond to the calls from this apartment any more - they will call the police.

The capital police department confirms there have been several high-profile cases. In Dartitsa district a woman attacked two doctors, who came to visit her. She stabbed one doctor with scissors and hit another one with a phone. Two similar cases happened in Desnianski district.

Police recommends emergency doctors to play safe and plan to equip ambulances with portable panel of emergency call. "In an emergency situation they just need to press the button and police will arrive," says police press office official Volodymyr Dmytrenko.

"We hope the Cabinet will approve soon a law on ambulances, according to which emergency doctors will be allowed to carry tear gas spray," says Alla Shlapak, the head of the Kyiv city administration department on medicine.

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