The change of the minimal marriage age at the legislative level is untimely, though it will not influence much the whole picture of marriages in Ukraine. Such opinion was voiced by experts at the press conference on "What is optimal minimal marriage age for Ukraine?", ForUm correspondent reports.

Expert Ludmila Sliusar states that Ukraine should pay more attention to the family institute and the new law does not help much.

This point of view is also shared by Antonina Taranovska, head of the Center of family problems and gender development.

According to her, the state should change its policy regarding the family, and the increase of the minimal marriage age is "not well-thought and reckless step to take."

Taranovska believes that the new legislation becomes a serious obstacle for family formation, as a 17-year-old girl will have to ask for court permission to contract official marriage, while judicial culture in Ukraine is not present.

The expert recommends the state to draw conclusions from the fact that 21-22% of children are born out of a wedlock. "People, especially in big cities, treat marriage less and less seriously," she underlined.

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