Negotiations on release of Ukrainian citizens detained in Libya continue, director of the Foreign Ministry consulate department Andriy Olefirov told a briefing.

"On President's order we work on their release as soon as possible. The Libyan side says that the investigation has not been finished yet, but is held within the international norms," Olefirov said.

Ukrainian citizens are suspected of illegal actions on the territory of Lybia.

"The guilt of these citizens has not been proved. And this is an official information of our Libyan colleagues," the official informed and added that Ukraine's FM does not have any information on their involvement into any illegal actions the territory of Lybia.

Olefirov assured Ukraine's FM is ready to deliver Ukrainians home as soon as they are released.
He also informed that Ukrainian diplomats in Libya visit the detainees two-three times a week to deliver food and hygiene items and provide them with mobile phones to call relatives.

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